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Grade 3/4 Navajo inspired clay looms

This term, students in Grade 3/4 looked at the ceramic and textile work of Navajo people. Inspired by the colours, textures and patterns in traditional Navajo crafts, students created clay looms, paper painted feathers and woven centre pieces. This project allowed students to work with a variety of different mediums and explore colour and pattern theory.

Moth relief artworks

Last term, Grade 1 and 2 students looked at the work of American artist, Yumi Okita. Over 11 weeks, students created these stunning moth relief artworks made from textiles, cardboard and feathers. This artwork allowed students to explore the tactile nature of fibres, with a focus on texture. You can view these works in the hallway of the main building.

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Chris Ryniak inspired sculptures by Grade 5/6

I’d have to say that these sculptures were probably one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done with students! The Grade 5/6s really embraced this project and their creativity thrived! Five weeks ago, we came together as a class and discussed Ryniak’s aesthetic style, such as chubby tummies, warts, wrinkles, small in scale and monochromatic (in most cases). This rich discussion lead to a series of sketches, where students could start to imagine their creature on paper. The following weeks were all about the 3D work. Students experienced working with clay – thank you to the mums who came and helped me during the clay lessons, you were lifesavers!! Students learnt about mixed-media by working with faux fur, beads, wire, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and faux leather. To finish, students had to fill out a self-reflection sheet, which encouraged them to think about their ideas, craftsmanship, problem-solving strategies and skills they learnt or needed to employ to create their sculpture. Watching the students rush over to their sculpture at the beginning of the lesson and excitedly gather their materials to start creating filled me with joy! I’m so proud of these kids and the amazing work they do! Hopefully you enjoy looking at the sculptures, as much as we enjoyed making them!

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Textile works by Junior Art

This semester, the Junior Art Extension Class have been creating these beautiful abstract textile artworks. Students used cold wax and fabric dyes and learnt embroidery. Embroidery is quite a hard skill that requires a long time to master and I think these students are well on their way to being wonderful embroiders if they keep up the practice!

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Walert-Gurn (“possum-skin” cloak)

It’s been a long time coming, but here are some photos of the walert-gurns that the Grade 3/4 students created in Term Two as part of the Animals in Art unit. Not only did the students create drawings, paintings and a fabric piece illustrating Australia’s beautiful fauna, they also learnt about the anthropological history behind these amazing artefacts. Keep your eyes peeled because in the coming weeks they will be mounted on the wall in the Early Learning Centre!

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Poppy Club

Starting Monday the 17th of Feb there will be a Poppy club in the art room from 1:40 – 2:20. What does the Poppy club entail you ask? Students will be knitting poppies and making felt poppies for our school ANZAC memorial. In addition to our school memorial, the Poppies will eventually be sent to the 5,000 Poppies project where they will be exhibited along with many others at Federation Square in 2015.

To start with, the Poppy Club will be open to students in Years 3 – 6 and later in the term it will be open to Prep – Year 2. If anyone has any red, black or green felt and/or wool they would like to donate it would be much appreciated! For those parents who are interested in helping with the club, please pop in after school to arrange the details.

Gill, Kellie and myself are looking forward to working with the children on this meaningful project.

– Chelsea