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Grade 5/6 Sci Fi Compositions

Some of the most exciting music ever written has been for the genre of science fiction. John Williams; Star Wars, ET and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, come to mind when thinking about music and Sci-Fi. Over term 1 grade 5 and 6 students have used a number of technologies to create short compositions that represent the characters, setting and atmosphere of their planned science fiction narratives.

 Core to my philosophical beliefs as a music teacher is the idea of demystifying the role of the composer so that the students themselves can be composers too. As in other areas of the curriculum students are taught to be writers, readers, mathematicians and historians. One sure way to encourage  students creative thinking process is to allow them to collaborate with others to create short compositions. This can be done through using tuned and untuned percussion instruments. However, technology can empower students by giving them agency to arrange and compose through computer software tools such as Garageband and Soundation.

For their compositions the grade 5 and 6 students used Soundation. Its a powerful online music generator, that allows the students to arrange a number of pre recorded sound samples and loops.The electronic nature of these loops were ideal for the sci fi sound the students were trying to portray.

When planning their Sci Fi narrative the students worked in small groups or pairs and used a fantastic mind mapping tool called https://www.text2mindmap.com. Using this plan/outline the students then each week composed short vignettes to support the characterisation and atmosphere for each section of their narrative.

Please listen to some examples are below. However, you can find more at the bottom of the page

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