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Robot Reliefs

It’s been all about robots this term for Grade 1 and 2! We started off with some robot sketches, moved on to an enlarged robot painting and finished with a mixed-media robot relief artwork. Students learnt about what relief means, in terms of a fusion between 2D and 3D. Students had the opportunity to use a variety of different materials, such as tiles, buttons and eclectic pieces of metal and wood. The results are some fantastic robots, which are bursting with their inventor’s creativity! What I loved most about this project was seeing the girls really embrace the robot theme. At first lots of the girls were like “Ohhh robots. I don’t like robots!” which got me thinking, “Do they actually not like robots? Or do they think girls can’t like robots?” However, over the term the girls have slowly embraced the robots and have absolutely loved designing and creating their circuitboard friends! I doubt I’ll ever hear a girl from Grade 1 or 2 tell me they don’t like robots anymore! To see this display, please visit the ground floor hallway, in the main building.

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Grade 3/4 black and white relief works

These beautifully delicate works were created by Grade 3/4 students during the Abstract Art unit in Term 4. Whilst creating these works, students learnt about rhythm, movement, contrast and repetition and began to understand the fusion between 2D and 3D, which form relief works.

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Koi pond relief works

Over three weeks the Preps created these beautiful koi pond relief artworks. During the making of this work, students learnt how to trace templates (as adults and accomplished students, we take for granted that Preps have never experienced tracing and other skills) and build upon their fine-motor skills such as cutting and painting. It was lovely to hear students getting excited and saying “Chelsea, I just realised the koi are all warm colours!!!” (so those lessons on warm and cool colours did sink in!).

Year 3/4 create fantasy plants, inspired by the film Avatar

This term the Year 3/4 students created mixed-media relief works inspired by the film Avatar (2009). We started with a class discussion about the film and then looked at different CGI (computer generated images) depicting plants from the movie. We discussed the features, colours and shapes of the plants before the students sketched a selection of their very own Pandora plants in their art journals (while listening to the soundtrack from the film). Once the students had picked their favourite sketch, they then transformed it into a vibrant relief work. There is a display in the hallway near the front entrance, I encourage you all to go have a squiz at these talented kid’s work!

VAD_Rainforest_Gorge_v001(source: www.gcsociety.org)

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