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Prep Animal Soundscapes

In Term 4, Prep students explored Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories and music. They played and composed simple rhythms on the Aboriginal clap sticks and experimented with using symbols to represent long and short sounds. Preps created an animal soundscape based on the book ‘An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals’ by Indigenous Australian artist Bronwyn Bancroft. Here are some examples:

Prep B

Prep J

Prep K

Painting with the Preps

This week the Preps have been learning about trees and their features. I started off with some guided drawing and then let the kids loose to create their own tree painting in their Art Journals. The results were truly beautiful, so many different and wonderful trees, all unique to the artist – much similar to the way we see diverse trees in nature. Here are a selection of snaps from the five Prep classes, enjoy!