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Pop Art portraits by Grade 5/6

To finish off the year, the Grade 5/6s looked at Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print. As we didn’t have enough time to print, the students painted different coloured backgrounds and then photocopied their original drawing onto coloured paper to create these works. They look terrific!

Prep’s make Thiebaud inspired cupcakes!

Keeping with the Pop Art theme in art this term, the Preps looked at Wayne Thiebaud’s cupcake paintings. Using water colour paints, they created abstract paintings, which they used later on to make the topping of their cupcake. In making these works, students learnt about abstraction, colour and shape. These works are on display in the corridor as you walk into the school foyer – enjoy!

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Yayoi Kusama inspired pumpkins

As part of the Pop Art unit this term, the Grade 1 and 2 students looked at the pumpkin sculptures of Yayoi Kusama, one of the most famous Pop Artists out of Japan. During the creation of this work, students discovered what abstract meant and they were able to verbally describe abstraction (a very hard concept to understand and articulate!). The students worked with water colours and permanent markers to create these beautiful mixed-media artworks.

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Grade 3/4 apple core sculptures

During the Pop Art unit this term the Grade 3s and 4s looked at the work of Claes Oldenburg, a contemporary pop artist. Using his sculpture Apple Core (1992) as inspiration, students created their very own apple core sculpture. To see this display, please visit the hallway just outside Anna and Ivy’s classrooms.

Grade 1/2 Lichtenstein inspired self-portraits

For the past five weeks the Grade 1 and 2 students have looked at the work of famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. We did a lot of work on drawing faces and looked closely at proportion, balance and attention to detail. If you want to see more of these wonderful works please visit the display in the corridor outside the art room.

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Pop Art Pizzas!

It’s been a fun start to Term Four in art! The Preps have been learning all about Pop Art and particularly Claes Oldenburg’s food sculptures. We started with a developmental work by creating pizzas on a paper plate and then moved on to clay sculptures. The students loved the tactile experience of the clay and were able to see their skills translate from 2D to 3D works. The finished pizza slices look good enough to eat!

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