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Preps use visual meditation to create art

During Prep transition, Chelsea and Lisa took those Preps that had buddies in the afternoon for an art lesson. Using a visual meditation book, the Preps relaxed and began to harness their imagination. After the meditation they were asked to draw something they had imagined. Below are some excerpts from the book and their drawings which respond to those excerpts. It was interesting to see a visual representation of what they had imagined in their mind.

The star

The fish in the river

The worry tree

The Ants

The Animals

Year 1 & 2 Meditation and Weaving

This term the students have started each lesson with 5-10 minutes of meditation. Meditation teaches them to quiet themselves, be calm, relax and helps with creative visualisation. The students have responded really well to the meditation and I’m sure we’re all going to miss it next term! Below is the book I used if you would like to continue meditation at home with your child.


We started the term off with sketching and tracing different types of leaves. The students then used pastels and textas to add colour to their sketches. They then cut their drawings into strips and wove them through black paper to create a patchwork paper ‘blanket’ which is now in their art journals.

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For 5 weeks, the Year 1 and 2s have been working on these beautiful woven works. It’s been such a pleasure working on this project with them, as all the students have been saying how excited they are to come to art and how much they love making their ‘kites’ as they call them. I will be doing a display of them in the corridor this week.