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Preps and Grade 1/2s turn abstract prints into beautiful collages

Wow, sometimes students can blow you away with their creativity! Preps participated in three rotations; printing with eclectic objects, printing with things from the garden and marble art inspired by Jackson Pollock. The Grade 1/2s also did rotations; sculptures made from wire, wood and pipe cleaners, printing with eclectic objects and creating abstract paintings using wool as a starting point. The following week the students turned their abstract prints and paintings into beautiful collages. Boy did we get messy, but it was worth it!

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Hort inspired landscapes by Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 students looked at the work of Hort, a creative hub out of Germany. We focused on a particular work Hort did for Enroute Magazine http://www.hort.org.uk/123 and using this imagery, we discussed environmental issues and the impact of urbanisation on natural habitats. Whilst creating these works, students learnt about perspective, scale and proportion.

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Desert landscapes by the Preps

Over five weeks the Preps focused on desert landscapes and learnt about silhouettes, the horizon line and how to draw a cactus, whilst implementing drawing and painting skills. These works definitely deserve pride of place on the fridge!

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Kimono self-portraits

The students loved making these works and I loved teaching them how to make them! We started with creating an abstract painting. The following week, I taught the students how to fold their abstract painting into a kimono. Students learnt about portraiture, colour and abstraction during these lessons. The end results are charming and skilful pieces of work. Well done Grade 1 and 2!


A bit of a fashion show to get us inspired!

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Koi pond relief works

Over three weeks the Preps created these beautiful koi pond relief artworks. During the making of this work, students learnt how to trace templates (as adults and accomplished students, we take for granted that Preps have never experienced tracing and other skills) and build upon their fine-motor skills such as cutting and painting. It was lovely to hear students getting excited and saying “Chelsea, I just realised the koi are all warm colours!!!” (so those lessons on warm and cool colours did sink in!).

A Chinese Dragon by the Preps!

As part of our Asian Art unit this semester, the Preps have created this amazing large-scale Chinese dragon work. Through expression and play-based art, students created an abstract dragon scale using watercolours, coloured paper and gold tissue paper. The focus was to introduce art making in a way that allowed the students to express themselves, whilst they learnt about abstraction, colour and texture. If you would like to see this work, please visit the display board outside the art room. Enjoy!

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Pop Art portraits by Grade 5/6

To finish off the year, the Grade 5/6s looked at Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print. As we didn’t have enough time to print, the students painted different coloured backgrounds and then photocopied their original drawing onto coloured paper to create these works. They look terrific!

Prep’s make Thiebaud inspired cupcakes!

Keeping with the Pop Art theme in art this term, the Preps looked at Wayne Thiebaud’s cupcake paintings. Using water colour paints, they created abstract paintings, which they used later on to make the topping of their cupcake. In making these works, students learnt about abstraction, colour and shape. These works are on display in the corridor as you walk into the school foyer – enjoy!

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Grade 1/2 monster sketches

Over the past three weeks the Grade 1/2s have looked at Sendak’s book Where the wild things are and have been creating hand puppets inspired by the illustrations. We started out with some developmental sketches. Students then picked their favourite image and made that into their hand puppet. Here are a few snaps of their wonderful sketches – enjoy!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

As part of the school-wide Artists as Illustrators unit in Visual Arts this term, the Preps have been looking at the picture story book The very hungry caterpillar By Eric Carle. Using acrylic paint, students created abstract paintings that they then cut up to form a caterpillar. The colour, movement, line of the brushstrokes and their use of positive and negative space was truly wonderful. Below are a few snaps of the process from start to finish (the butterflies are on their way!).

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