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Coral reef installation by Grade 5/6

Last term during the Seascapes and Landscapes unit in art, Grade 5/6 students looked at the work of Courtney Mattison (http://courtneymattison.com/ourchangingseas-iii/). Mattison is a marine ecologist and ceramicist from San Francisco. Mattison’s work primarily deals with the effects of global warming on marine habitats. Over the course of this project, students learnt about global warming and coral bleaching. To see this breathtaking installation, visit the early learning centre.

Fun with clay!

The Grade 5/6s are looking at the work of contemporary American sculptor, Courtney Mattison. On Monday they made clay sculptures, which will be painted next week when they are dry and will come together in a large-scale seascape installation. Here are some snaps from Monday’s fun lesson with clay!