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Get Orff That Rhythm!

Term 4 grade 3&4 students will be creatively engaged in small and whole class Orff ensemble sessions. Carl Orff was a famous German composer and music pedagogue. He developed an approach to music education that integrates Speech, Singing, Movement and instruments to teach the elements of music. Xylophones, metallophones, Glockenspiels, as well as other untuned percussion instruments are fundamental to the Orff approach for their simplicity which helps facilitate student success and creativity. Grade 3&4 students will learn a series of short songs that will also be performed as a whole class ensemble. This experience will allow the students to build on their knowledge of music through doing. That is, creating, making and performing.

 Get Orff That Rhythm Get Orff That Rhythm

What’s The Score?

During term 4 prep students will be applying their musical knowledge gained over the year to instruments and symbols. Prep students will explore the relationship between sound and symbols. That is, how sound can be represented as symbols that can then be documented for others to perform. Here prep students will need to draw on their knowledge of dynamics (louds and softs), tempo (fast and slow), pitch (high and low) as well as timbre (the sound quality an instrument makes) and unleash their creativity to compose short whole class compositions. Towards the end of the term preps will also engage in some merriment through song as the excitement of Christmas draws near.


Taking Off! Exploring Pitch

In Term 4 grades 1&2 students will be exploring pitch. Using body movement, voice and tuned percussion instruments, students will be looking at the role that pitch plays in music. The students will be engaging in a number of games and activities that will help students achieve a deeper understanding of how pitch works. The students will also be given an opportunity to explore pitch using Orff tuned percussion instruments. These musical experiences will take place as whole class ensembles. Ensembles provide fabulous opportunities for the students to learn about pitch and other musical elements by adopting the role as a performer in a larger group.

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