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Grade 1/2 Art Club

This term Chelsea and Xenia are opening the art room on Fridays in the second break to do an Art Club with Grade 1 and 2 students. The club is a great way for students to create more art outside their structured weekly art lesson. The club also allows students to form friendships with students from other classes. The club is capped at 25 students, but once each project finishes a new group of 25 students can start. The students are currently creating some beautiful toucan artworks, using paper plates, tissue paper and paint. Keep an eye out on the arts blog for photos of the finished toucans!

I wrote to Chaiozza and here’s their reply!

Hello Chelsea,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us! We absolutely LOVE seeing the students work and what an honor it is to be the inspiration for such wonderful pieces! We may even have to use some of the students’ ideas as inspiration ourselves;)
Glad to know our work is making it across the world and into your classroom. We hope the students gained some insight into shape-making, material experimentation, color and pattern play, and the struggles and joys of trying to make art. 
Thanks again for sharing and enjoy a wonderful holiday season!
All Best,
Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao 
Well done kids! Chiaozza has tipped their hat to you all the way from America!

There are some insects in the library!!

Congratulations to The Grade 4 Art Club for creating these amazing large-scale butterfly sculptures. These students spent every Friday lunchtime for three terms creating these amazing sculptures, which are now installed in the library.

Finally some good spray painting at Bell!!

Since Term One, the Grade 4 lunchtime art club have been working on three large-scale butterfly sculptures that will accompany the Australian native flora mural, which a parent committee are currently working on. Students used black-out plastic from last year’s BIFF that was used to block out the light in the theatres and repurposed it by weaving it onto the armature of the sculptures and then finally spray painting it.

At lunchtime today and part of session 5, the art club students spray painted their butterfly sculptures with patterns inspired by the colouration and markings of the indigenous butterfly, the Meadow Argus.

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Desert Film Music with Grade 1/2.

Drawing on inspiration from Visual Art with Chelsea, Grade 1/2 have created film music to describe what can be found in the desert. Sticks, Stones, Snakes, Lizards, Tumbleweeds, Dead Trees and Vast Open Spaces are just some of the things the students chose to recreate using anything and everything they could find in the music room. Some of my favourite music has been created in the desert, which is a place of seemingly infinite inspiration and mystery.

All of these soundscapes were performed live by the students while watching the accompanying video on the projector in the music room. Old school meets new school.

Well done Grade 1/2!



What are we doing in art this term?

DSC04683 DSC04685

The Preps will use a variety of different media, such as pastels, collaging papers and paint to create desert and aurora borealis landscapes. Whilst creating the desert landscape and the aurora borealis landscape artworks, students will learn about scale, shape, colour and line. Students will also look at the work of Paul Klee and do a series of lessons on shape, to learn how shapes can be transformed into pictures and art. For example, when a square becomes 3D it is called a cube. The Preps will use pastels to create a work inspired by Klee’s famous cubist castles.

Grade 1 and 2 will first explore the work of contemporary artist, Sushe Felix from Colorado. Students will make their own stencils and use them to create a desert landscape using dry pastels. During this work, students will learn about colour, perspective, scale and repetition. Taking a completely different approach to landscapes, students will then create a city skyline painting, which will focus on reflections. In this work, students will learn what reflection is and how and why reflections are distorted. Students will employ skills in colour, scale and shape. Their final work will be a cardboard cactus sculpture accompanied by a painted desert backdrop. This work will allow students to explore working in 3D.

Grade 3 and 4 will be exploring the architecture of traditional Dutch canal houses (grachtenpand) from the 17th century. Students will be looking at the architectural features unique to Dutch canal houses and will recreate their own miniature sculpture inspired by these beautiful historic homes. Although, creating a house is not a landscape, when the work is displayed the houses will be lined up next to each other to create an urban landscape. This process of production will allow students to understand how designers and artists work in collaborative settings, such as set design for films such as Wallace and Gromit. The second work Grade 3 and 4 students will be creating is a lunar landscape. Students will look at a range of sci-fi landscapes and create their own greyscale landscape, whilst employing elements of line, shape and shading. Grade 3/4 students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Sustainable Art Club Friday lunchtimes in the art room, starting Friday the 31st of July.

Grade 5 and 6 will look at the paper installation work of Hort, a studio/multidisciplinary creative hub based out of Germany. Students will create a work in which a piece of paper is ripped back to reveal a natural landscape, surrounded by an urban concrete jungle. This work will encourage students to think about contrasting environments and environmental issues. This work will also allow students to develop their designing, drawing, painting, scale and perspective skills. Following on from this, students will look at the work of contemporary artist Courtney Mattison from San Francisco. Mattison creates large-scale ceramic installations of coral reefs, which respond to the devastating human impact on the world’s oceans. Students will create their own coral reef sculptures made from clay and when displayed, the sculptures will combine to form a large-scale reef sculpture inspired by Mattison’s work. During this project, students will explore the tactile experience of working with clay, whilst developing their skills in construction, form, detail and colour.

– Chelsea Kneale

Bell Biennale

Here are some wonderful photos from the Bell Biennale. Thank you Mardi for taking these beautiful photos, you have really captured the night for us!

Exhibition Space

Japanese lanterns and Barong masks by Grade 3/4 students. Chinese dragon puppets and Japanese koi scrolls by Grade 5/6 students. Indian Holi elephants by Asia Art Club. Chelsea dressed up in a kimono and a few students from the junior school dressed in asian costumes!

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Music Performances

Gamelan Ensemble by Grade 3/4 students. Chinese Luogu Ensemble by Grade 5/6 students. Grade 3/4 Bollywood Dance Club performance at the opening ceremony.

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The very rainy opening ceremony. Gamelan workshop. Interactive Manga Wall. The Cherry Blossom Comment Tree. Classroom displays.

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What’s happening in art this term?

This semester in art the students will be discovering Asian Art. The Preps will be creating a large-scale collaborative Chinese Dragon. Students will learn about colour and texture, whilst creating two dragon scales using a variety of different media. We will then travel east to Japan, where students will learn about the cultural significance of koi and will create their very own koi kites using dispersing paper and paints. In addition to these works, the students will look at Hokusai’s Great Wave painting and will then create their own painting inspired by the movement and colour of the original painting. These are just some of the many art pieces the students will create in the Asian Art unit this semester at bell. There will be a special assembly on the 16th of February, which will announce an exciting art event happening later in the year.
Grade 1/2
This semester in art the students will be discovering Asian Art. Students will learn about Gond tribal art from the Gondi people of central India. While working on their drawing skills, students will use markers to create vibrant drawings of animals in the Gond tribal art aesthetic. Moving east, students will being immersed in Chinese art, with a particular focus on the iconic willow design. By learning about monochromatic colour schemes, students will create their own willow design plate. These are just some of the many art pieces the students will create in the Asian Art unit this semester at bell. There will be a special assembly on the 16th of February, which will announce an exciting art event happening later in the year.
Grade 3/4
This semester in art the students will be discovering Asian Art. We will be travelling north to Indonesia to learn about Barong masks. The students will learn about the cultural and historical significance of Barong masks in Indonesia and will then create their own mask. We will then be travelling east to Japan, where the students will learn about kimonos and will create a mixed-media self-portrait with the kimono as the focal point. There will be a special assembly on the 16th of February, which will announce an exciting art event happening later in the year.
Grade 5/6
This semester in art the students will be discovering Asian Art. In art we will be travelling north-west to China to learn all about the cultural significance of the Chinese Dragon. Armed with this knowledge, the students will create their very own dragon puppets using cardboard, paint and fabric. Following on from this, we will be heading further east to Japan, where students will be looking at the work of contemporary illustrator Yoko Furusho. Students will design and create a landscape inspired by Furusho’s illustrations. There will be a special assembly on the 16th of February, which will announce an exciting art event happening later in the year.
Asian Art Club Term 1 and 2
On Friday lunchtimes students will have the opportunity to create large-scale works in the Asian Art Club. It will be held in the art room and run by Chelsea and other classroom teachers.
– Chelsea (Visual Arts teacher)

Poppy dedications

Hi Everyone

Gill and I are well on our way to creating our school poppy/ANZAC display. We are inviting students, staff and parents to dedicate a poppy to a family member that has served in any war that Australia was a part of (not just WW1). This does not just extend to soldiers. Students can dedicate a poppy to an army nurse, signal communication officer (male and female), stretcher man, doctor etc in their family.

To dedicate a poppy, you must:

– Write their full name and the war they fought in on a piece of paper.
– Give the piece of paper to me.
– If I’m not in the art room, I will have a shoe box near my whiteboard where you can put your dedications.
– We would be very appreciative if students/staff got these dedications to us by the end of the week, as we will need to collect them, transfer the names onto calico and stitch them to the back of the poppies.

Below are some snaps from Poppy Club and the display near the office – enjoy!

DSC02315 DSC02313 DSC02312 DSC02311 DSC02310 DSC02306 DSC02303 DSC02302

Year 1/2 special poppy art lesson!

Unfortunately the junior school has missed out on poppy club because the Years 3 – 6s have taken longer than we thought to create their poppies. So, being mindful of this over the past two weeks I was on the look out for exceptionally hard working Year 1/2 students that could form my special poppy making class this morning. The students created a wonderful paper poppy each that will become part of our ANZAC display. Here are some gorgeous pics of this fun activity!