Prep’s Art Message

Hi Prep students and families! This is Anna. Welcome to Term 2 and to our new way of remote and flexible learning. It will be a bit different to seeing you in the classroom but remember, I am always here to help. Prep-3 students can keep in touch with Specialist teachers via their blogs, for the time being. Grade 4-6 students can keep in touch via Google Classroom. If you have any questions or need help with your Art work, please make a comment in this post so I can keep all the Prep questions in one place which will make it easier for me to answer everything. I hope you enjoy your art learning this term and hope you have a wonderful week!

Below are some photos of our wonderful Term 1 artwork on display at school. Students will be able to take their Kandinsky inspired Concentric Circles artwork and their Composition 8 artwork home when we return to face to face teaching!



  1. Hello Anna, Eve was very excited to see her artwork here on the blog, thanks for posting pics of the children’s term 1 art project Eve says “hello Anna!”

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