Grade 3’s Art Message

Hi Grade 3 students and families! This is Anna. Welcome to Term 2 and to our new way of remote and flexible learning. It will be a bit different to seeing you in the classroom but remember, I am always here to help. Prep-3 students can keep in touch with Specialist teachers via their blogs, for the time being. Grade 4-6 students can keep in touch via Google Classroom. If you have any questions or need help with your Art work, please make a comment in this post so I can keep all the Grade 3 questions in one place which will make it easier for me to answer everything. I hope you enjoy your art learning this term and hope you have a wonderful week!

Below are some photos of our finished Term 1 artwork. Students first discussed the visual conventions of artist Piet Mondrian and made a similar artwork, then adapted the visual conventions to come up with their own abstract style. Students who did not finish will get a little finishing off time when we return to face to face teaching, then they can take them home!

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