Hi Grade 3 students and families! It’s Ms S here. Welcome to Term 2 and to our new way of remote and flexible learning. It will be a bit different to seeing you in the classroom but remember, I am always here to help. Prep-3 students can keep in touch with Specialist teachers via their blogs, for the time being. Grade 4-6 students can keep in touch via Google Classroom. If you have any questions or need help with your Music work, please make a comment in this post so I can keep all the Grade 3 questions in one place which will make it easier for me to answer everything. I hope you enjoy your music work this term and hope you have a wonderful week! Rock on! Ms S

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  1. Hi Grade 3! I’ve heard that some of you are loving having a go at the Alpha Four body percussion piece. Awesome! If you read the timeline I’ve attached, you’ll see that the composition task I’ve set for you is due later in the term. PLEASE DON’T HAND-IN YOUR WORK YET! 🙂 For this week, you should keep on having a go at performing Alpha Four along with the video. Start off by only looking at Section A until you can play that smoothly. If you are ready, try having a go at Section B. If you filmed yourself performing Section A of Alpha Four last week, film yourself again this week and look back to see how much you’ve improved. I will let you know soon how you can share some of your videos later in the term, but at this stage please don’t post any pictures or videos of yourself on the blog/Google Classroom. You can however make a comment to tell me how you’re going or if you have a question. I’ll be in touch next week to tell you more about your composition task. Have fun and rock on! Ms S

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