Prep’s make Ming Vase artworks!

Last term, the Preps made these beautifully detailed Ming Vase artworks. This project helped students develop their artistic skills by allowing them to practice their cutting, drawing and painting techniques. Students learnt about the history of Ming vases and about art terminology such as, monochromatic, meaning one colour (in this artworks’ case, a one coloured artwork). Students also learnt about the cultural significance of Chinese dragons. These artworks will be on a display in the coming week.


  1. Oh these are beautiful! I love the contrast with the warm colours of the flowers and the cool, delicate drawings on the vase. Well done preps.

  2. oh my goodness these are gorgeous Chelsea and preps! A bit of Spring brightness: just what we need to get us through these wintry days. I wish we had a preppy bringing one home!

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