Grade 1/2 Pumpkins

Grade 1 and 2 students created these beautifully vibrant pumpkin artworks last term, inspired by the work of contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. This was a great project, as it showed the children that you can still be a female artist at the age of 89 in the very heavily male dominated art arena, which we live in today. The students loved learning about Yayoi Kusama’s artwork and were very inspired by her outfits and different looks. These wonderful pumpkins are on display in the main hallway just to the right of the library doors.



  1. Wow, look at the colours! More amazing work lead by your great teaching Chelsea. We were lucky to see the Obliteration Room at GOMA earlier this year and Leilani has loved being able to make this connection with the learning she has participated in within your classroom. Thanks for always making the arts fun, interesting and relatable for the kids!

  2. Absolutely love these Chelsea and the extra layers of meaning you build into your teaching. So awesome 👏

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