Monthly Archives: September 2016

Junior Art Extension Class

The Junior Art Extension Class has been looking at the elusive and mysterious textile works of artist Soy Un Babar. Students have been blind folded and asked to draw a series of portraits in grey lead and they have also created overlapping face portraits, in which they weren’t allowed to take their pencil off the paper. After doing weeks of developmental work, the students then created a portrait sketch which they transferred on to cotton and used cold wax and fabric dyes to add colour and line to their faces. In the coming weeks, students will be using fabric markers to add fine detail to the portraits and will be embroiding over the faces with colourful thread. Here are some snaps from the developmental phases.

Dr. Seuss fish paintings

As part of the Artists as Illustrators and Filmmakers unit this term, the Grade 1/2s looked at the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. This work focused on fusing Dr. Seuss drawing styles with the students’ own imagination to create quirky fish with lots of character! Students learnt about repetition, line and colour and the results were a whole lot of fun!

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Very Hungry Caterpillars by the Preps

The Preps turned their abstract paintings into these beautiful very hungry caterpillars! During this artwork, students learnt collaging techniques, abstract painting styles and we practiced our fine-motor skills of cutting and using stencils to trace shapes. To see this display, please visit the display board outside the staff room on the 1st floor of the main building.

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