Monthly Archives: May 2016

Junior Art Extension Class

As most of you know, this year I am running a pilot program, which aims to give gifted students in the arts 100 minutes of art each week, instead of 50 minutes. The Junior Art Extension Class has been looking at the work of Jephan de Villiers , a French artist, who creates whimsical and peculiar sculptures of figures from natural materials. The students have spent upwards of 8 weeks on them and they are nearly all finished! The degree of attention to detail, technique, craftsmanship and composition of their pieces is astounding. They have captured the essence of de Villiers’ work beautifully and their level of skill at such a young age is quite inspiring. There will be a display coming soon!

Stuart – “My artwork is about two people who meet at a tree. They cover the tree in leaves. Then they had babies and they made the tree into their home.”

Zoe – “My artwork looks like lots of amazed people looking out from a large hole in a hollow tree. The little people are looking at a group of ginormous people having a picnic.”

Parent helpers wanted

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Chelsea is in need of some parent helpers to help prepare a large amount of templates for a particular art project. The details are:
  • Monday the 9th of May from 9am – 10:40am. Stay for as long or as short amount of time as you like.
  • In the Art room.
  • The task is very simple: cutting.
If this is something you would like to help with, please sign up on the noticeboard outside the art room.