Finished Collaborative abstract artworks

Below are the collaborative works of Grade 3/4 students, accompanied by snippets from their artist statements. Some of their conceptual thinking and artistic insight will blow you away. To see these works in the flesh, visit their classrooms and the corridor in the main building – enjoy!

“We chose blue and orange. Blue represents sadness and orange represents anger. Together they make frustration.”

“The yellow represents peace around the world and the darker colours represent poverty and war.”

“All the colours represent something different and that’s what makes our painting a masterpiece.”

“The gold represents that there is just a little bit of happiness, even in the hardest of situations.”

“We discussed a range of topics and eventually decided to choose the topic of an open mind and creativity. The blending and multiple colours, tones and shades are meant to eliminate the boundaries of the imagination in the mind.”

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  1. I have seen these marvellous pieces of artwork out in the main hallway. The students have put a lot of thought into them, and they reflect each of their own creative talents.
    Very very impressed grade three and four.

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