Film Composition with Grade 3/4

After having fun with exploring composition with shapes and visual patterns, Grade 3/4 decided that the best way to continue with this medium was to explore film composition. And what better film excerpts could there be than those from Disney’s Fantasia and Dumbo, two movies with fantastic music and animation! Using their class Ipad’s each 3/4 class split into four separate groups and began scoring the soundtrack for their films. The soundtracks were then performed and recorded in front of the class while watching the films on “the big screen”. An excellent level of artistic and musical maturity was demonstrated by ALL of the students involved. It was a true privilege to watch the students work on this task. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!


  1. What creativity! Love the use of different instruments and also it’s wonderful to see students demonstrating their great teamwork skills. Keep up the great work 3/4s!

  2. Wow grade 3/4’s! What amazing examples of student creativity through composition. You have all clearly thought about what sounds and instruments are needed for each particular scene. I would imagine that a lot of communication and colaboration has taken place to pull all this together. Congratualtions Nick for fostering such wonderful creativity.

  3. A fantastic achievement – congratulations 3/4 students, I’m really enjoying each one and thanks to Nick for a great project.

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