Abstract fun with Grade 3/4!

On Thursday, Grade 3/4 students were split into three groups. All groups had a large piece of paper. Group 1 had rulers, Group 2 had a range of eclectic objects and Group 3 used their bodies to trace. In their groups, students had to discuss how they were going to create an abstract artwork with the tools given to them, what their artwork would be conceptually about and how media and colour would infer their meaning. It was a fantastic start to this project! Students were excited, engaged and were able to work through disagreements by voting and compromising. Can’t wait to see what their finished artworks will look like!

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  1. It sounded awesome Chelsea. We heard great things about this session at home. Izzy loved how the groups had worked so well together, and how her group had decided they were going to try and convey “sadness” and “confusion” because “that’s what the shapes and colours looked like”. 3/4 artists rock.

    1. Love hearing stories of kids coming home and discussing their art and ideas with their families, thanks for sharing!

  2. Climbing onto the paper and making art from there…I love the physicality of the process. From all accounts, the students are enjoying it too!

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