Monthly Archives: September 2015

Aurora Borealis artworks by The Preps

Wow, teaching the Preps about the Aurora Borealis was hard! There were so many concepts they needed to understand before they could grasp the scientific phenomena of the Aurora Borealis. But that didn’t matter, it was just about exposing them to the concept and they did really well! Over four weeks students made three different artworks with the Aurora Borealis as the subject matter. Using pastels and paint, students learnt how to draw a polar bear and pine trees, whilst learning about the difference between oil and dry pastels. The results are truly beautiful! To see this display, check out the big display board outside the art room.

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Cityscapes by Grade 1/2s

For three weeks the Grade 1s and 2s have been working on these cityscape paintings. As a class we discussed what reflections are and where we commonly see reflections; in glass, in a mirror, on a spoon, in water etc. This artwork enabled students to have a better understanding of shape, repetition and line. Check out the display in the office foyer!

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Tea towels

Help support the Arts and buy a tea towel! The students worked really hard to create their self-portraits and the results are truly stunning! Get in quick though, because the cut-off date for sales is Tuesday the 15th of September!

Such an excellent Christmas present!!!

Cost is $12 each for 3 or less (from any class) OR

$10 each for 4 or more (from any class)

  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
  • Water based inks
  • Local Printer

To see what they look like, visit your child’s classroom and there should be a printed version on their classroom door/window.


Fun with clay!

The Grade 5/6s are looking at the work of contemporary American sculptor, Courtney Mattison. On Monday they made clay sculptures, which will be painted next week when they are dry and will come together in a large-scale seascape installation. Here are some snaps from Monday’s fun lesson with clay!

Sushe Felix inspired pastel works by Grade 1/2

Grade 1/2 students looked at the work of Sushe Felix, a contemporary artist from Colorado (I got this idea from Cassie Stephens: a fantastic art teacher from Tennessee The great thing about this artwork was the children had to make their own stencils before they created their work. The students learnt about proportion, scale and perspective whilst creating these artworks.

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Hort inspired landscapes by Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 students looked at the work of Hort, a creative hub out of Germany. We focused on a particular work Hort did for Enroute Magazine and using this imagery, we discussed environmental issues and the impact of urbanisation on natural habitats. Whilst creating these works, students learnt about perspective, scale and proportion.

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