Volunteers Wanted for Bell Biennale

Hi parents, guardians and friends of Bell PS.

Below are a series of jobs essential to making the Bell Biennale Arts Festival (Our Asian Neighbours) a successful experience for the students and audience. Each job has a link to volunteer spot where you can simply sign up with your email address (no password required) and view the job. As they say ‘many hands make light work’. It’s now getting to the pointy end of the organisation and preparation phase of the Biennale and Chelsea and I are in desperate need of your help. Please have a look at the jobs listed below and see what you can do. Chelsea and I would like to thank those who have already dedicated your time and skills to helping us out. The support of the parent community is what makes working at Bell PS so special.

Art Work display set up


5/6 costumes


Creating a comment book


Cutting Eyes Out Of Masks


Cutting up tickets and delivering them


Decorating and preparing the performance space (Music Room)


Taking down displays


Thank you,

Andrew and Chelsea

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