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The art room is in desperate need of black fabric for the Bell Biennale displays. If you have any black fabric you would like to donate, please drop it off to Chelsea in the art room in Term 2.

The music room is after large asian objects and fabric that could be used as props to decorate the stage for the Bell Biennale performances. If you have anything you would like to lend or donate, please drop it off to Andrew in the music room in Term 2.

Thank you and enjoy your Easter holidays!

Artwork inspired by Gondi tribal art from India

Over the past 6 weeks, the Grade 1/2s have been looking at Gondi Tribal Art from India. Students started by drawing some developmental sketches of deer and birds. From these sketches, the students picked their favourite design and created a drawing using textas. The drawings were intricately detailed, vibrant and full of character. To see this display, visit the front entrance.

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Japanese Koi wind socks

The Preps made these truly stunning Japanese koi wind socks and they’re on display right near the front entrance. Using textas, students drew patterns and shapes onto dispersing paper. We then sprayed the koi kites with water, which allowed the colours to disperse to create beautiful vibrant patterns. To finish off students glued streamers on the ends.

Volunteers wanted!

Hi everyone,

I’m after some volunteers to help cut out the Grade 3/4’s Barong Masks. It’s quite thick cardboard and the students have been struggling to cut them out. If anyone is available from 9-10am on Monday morning and would like to help, I would be very grateful!
– Chelsea

A Chinese Dragon by the Preps!

As part of our Asian Art unit this semester, the Preps have created this amazing large-scale Chinese dragon work. Through expression and play-based art, students created an abstract dragon scale using watercolours, coloured paper and gold tissue paper. The focus was to introduce art making in a way that allowed the students to express themselves, whilst they learnt about abstraction, colour and texture. If you would like to see this work, please visit the display board outside the art room. Enjoy!

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Chinese Luogu Ensemble

Today the grade 5/6 students began learning about Chinese luogu ensemble music. This is in preparation for the Bell Biennale Arts Festival. The Chinese luogu ensemble is the percussion ensemble that accompanies the lion or dragon dance. Luogu simply means ‘gongs and drums’ Luo= gong, Gu= drums. A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to witness a fabulous performance by the Chinese Masonic Society Luogu Ensemble and lion dance. Below is an example of 5/6G performing Shi Wu (Lion Dance) music. This piece is made up of three main sets of instruments cymbals, gongs (triangles) and drums.

Do You Have Any Old Dusty Instruments Lying Around?

Donations For Display Instruments

Exciting times for the Arts@Bell as we now have a new music room! Its a lovely open space on the upper floor of the old building. Its just perfect for stimulating student creativity and small and large ensemble performances. Unfortunately the walls are sad because they are bare 🙁 However, there is a picture rail along the parameter of the room. We would like to use this to hang old or disused instruments that are perhaps no longer functioning. We don’t want rubbish, junk or plastic toy instruments but rather something like an old violin for example. If you have something lying around that would add to the creative atmosphere of our new music room please fill the form in below and we will contact you ASAP.