Prep’s make Thiebaud inspired cupcakes!

Keeping with the Pop Art theme in art this term, the Preps looked at Wayne Thiebaud’s cupcake paintings. Using water colour paints, they created abstract paintings, which they used later on to make the topping of their cupcake. In making these works, students learnt about abstraction, colour and shape. These works are on display in the corridor as you walk into the school foyer – enjoy!

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  1. Hi there
    My name is Nadia and stumbled across your blog- it’s sensational. This is a random request but I am looking at gaining some experience in an art room at a primary level. Therefore I am willing to volunteer some time to come in and assist you with anything in exchange for observing the way you deliver the visual arts curriculum. What would be the protocol for that? I am a qualified early childhood teacher with primary qualifications but have never taught in a primary setting. I have experience with younger children (3-8) and have a personal blog which documents art development and experiences as well. I have a working with children’s check and just updated my first aid training. I look forward to hearing from you.

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