3/4 Have Got Rhythm And Some Melody Too!

This term grade 3/4 students have been working on whole class ensemble skills. Its been a step by step process where the students first learn to sing the song ‘I’ve Got A Rhythm‘. These is done through call and response and includes body percussion. The students are also given an opportunity to improvise rhythms using rhythm sticks. When the melody of the song has been embodied and the students are comfortable with the rhythm they then move onto tuned percussion instruments to form a whole class Orff based ensemble. The melody is first divided into two parts so it is easily learnt. This way the students experience instant success. Gradually the drums and additional base line is introduced and the students are then given an opportunity to improvise using a pentatonic scale.

Below you can view each class perform their version of I’ve got a rhythm. If you like what you hear please leave a comment.

3/4 O Ensemble

3/4 E Ensemble

3/4 X Ensemble


  1. wow, I am very impressed too. Got to love how it a child made a mistake or had to stop, that they where able to wait a bit, then come in again right on beat.

    1. Hi Joanne, Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you. Performing in an ensemble is so empowering for students. The Orff instruments like xylophones, metalophones and Glockenspiels, are very easy for the students to play. Which means they experience success quickly. This means they learn by doing, by adopting the role of a musician.

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