Bell PS Singers Perform At The Darebin Music Feast!

Wow! Last Saturday afternoon the Bell PS Singers performed in front of a packed Studio One at the Northcote Town Hall. The performance was for the launch of the ‘Rhythm and Sounds Songbook Launch’ a book of vocal rounds written and arranged by Anna Struth. The launch was part of the Darebin Music Feast which celebrates art, music and culture across the municipality. The Bell PS Singers sang two rounds from the book, ‘Singing And Swinging’ and ‘Stories’. They performed both rounds beautifully and the singers even had the opportunity to lead the audience in a sing-a-long. The students had the pleasure of listening to two other choirs perform, ‘Girl Friday’ and ‘Sophie’s Voice’. These choirs also led the audience through a couple of rounds and it was fabulous to hear the Bell PS Singers contributing tunefully in full voice. Thank you to Nell Alves-Perini for volunteering her time at lunch on Tuesdays and again on Saturday to work with the choir. Thank you to Anna Struth for giving the students the opportunity to perform in front of such a huge and receptive audience. Also a big thank you to members of the Bell PS community who came to listen to the performance.


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  1. Thanks to both Andrew, Anna and Nell for organising a wonderful opportunity to showcase the outstanding talent of our students. It is a hard thing to get up in front of a large crowd and perform, so I’m very proud of them.. Maybe they could do a repeat performance at Assembly soon!

    1. Hi Joanne and Renee, thanks for your comments there will most definitely be a performance at an assembly soon.

    2. Awesome…. Sad to have missed this performance. I would love to know when they are singing next at the assembly. Will they be performing at the Fun Day?

      Nice Work Bell PS Singers… I’ll try and find out if preppies can join.

      Cheers and well done.

  2. I was there on the weekend and the kids sounded terrific. How do kids join the choir? I know some grade 3 girls who are keen.

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