5/6 Music Sound Sculpture Round Up!

Now that the 5/6 students have finished off their sound sculptures the final phase of the inquiry is to take action and compose a short piece of music that will then be performed and recorded. Drawing on their creative thinking skills, the grade 5/6 students will form collaborative composition groups. Each group will then be given time to design a piece of music that includes some form of structure. For example Binary Form (The piece has an A section followed by a B section) or Ternary form (The piece of music is structured around and A section, followed by a B section which then returns to the A section to finish). Grade 5/6 students will need to cast their creative minds back to the fabulous composition work they have done throughout 2014 and draw on the knowledge they gained so that their sound sculpture composition includes clear elements of rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics and timbre.

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