Grade 3/4 Students Adopting The Role OF DJ’s Through Incredibox is a fabulous online music creation tool. Using pre recorded loops it allows the students to adopt the role of DJ’s. This week grades 3/4 Bell PS students were set a task to arrange and compose a piece of music. They really needed to think about how to structure their music so that it made sense musically and not just some random number of loops. Before the students could record their song they needed to rehearse it so that they knew exactly when to bring in each part. Please click on the urls below to listen to some wonderful student creativity. And if you are moved by what you hear please post a comment. Perhaps you would like to go onto yourself and record your own song and post the url in the comment box to share with the students.



Chloe & Nat




Tali, Chloe, Nat

Thomas M



Felix Cw and Felix B



Charlotte & Eve’s

Joel & Romy

Audrey and Evie

Felix Cw and Felix B

Ella G




  1. Hey Andrew,
    Mum and I are loving your music work at Bell Primary!
    Good to see you’re still inspiring future musicians.
    Poppy 🙂

    1. Hi Poppy, thanks for your comment. I often think back to the amazing creativity that you and the other NFPS students produced. It’s those and my current experiences that continue to drive my passion for teaching and learning.

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