Grade 1/2 Animal Raps (2014)

This term grade 1/2 students have been focussing on rhythm and rhyme. Linking in with their Dr Suess inspired art the students learnt a simple rhyme called Cat Rap. Each grade then collaboratively created a Hip Hop backing track in Garageband. Next the student as a whole class co-wrote a introduction describing their favourite animal. Students were then sent off in small collaborative groups to compose two short rhymes about an animal of their choice. Each group then had to rehearse so that they could recite their rap in time to the backing track. Each group was then recorded over the top of the backing track to create their Animal Rap. We hope you enjoy them.


1/2 M This Is The Animal Rap


1/2 A-Animal-Rap


1/2 G Animal Raps


1/2 L Animal Rap


1/2S Animal Rap


1/2 T Animal Rap




  1. That is so great! Loved it. Great work kids and Andrew. Not sure about ‘cats tasting like salami’ though 1/2A. Rad…and very funny.

    1. Thanks Suzi for your comment. Yes the students had fun creating these. I must admit that I did have a giggle when I first heard the ‘cat tasting like salami’. Its amazing what students can come up with when they are given the agency to be creative. Aside from the artefact itself there were so many other outcomes from that were learnt during the process of producing the raps.

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