3/4X Haunted House And Character Compositions (2014)

This term grade 3&4 students have been adopting the role of composers. Their brief was to compose a number of short compositions that would ‘bring to life’ a character that they designed as well as their Tim Burton inspired ‘Haunted House’ and characters. To do this the students would learn to use a complex web based music creation tool Soundation.com. Soundation provides a palette of over 700 pre recorded sound samples. These consist of melodic, rhythmic and soundscape sounds. Soundation gives students agency over their creative ideas. They are able to experience success through arranging the numerous loops into a piece of music or soundscape that adds to the characterisation and atmosphere of their art work. To get more of an idea how Soundation works please go to the website and have a go. I am sure you will be amazed.


Darkness Falls Haunted House Sarah Maeve





The-Haunted-House Max-and-Thomas










mr.stupid2 Max Thomas





Lola Beth Haunted House



Johnny Gat



Imy Leila Freaky-Zommie2



Haunted House Edward















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