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Gill and I are well on our way to creating our school poppy/ANZAC display. We are inviting students, staff and parents to dedicate a poppy to a family member that has served in any war that Australia was a part of (not just WW1). This does not just extend to soldiers. Students can dedicate a poppy to an army nurse, signal communication officer (male and female), stretcher man, doctor etc in their family.

To dedicate a poppy, you must:

– Write their full name and the war they fought in on a piece of paper.
– Give the piece of paper to me.
– If I’m not in the art room, I will have a shoe box near my whiteboard where you can put your dedications.
– We would be very appreciative if students/staff got these dedications to us by the end of the week, as we will need to collect them, transfer the names onto calico and stitch them to the back of the poppies.

Below are some snaps from Poppy Club and the display near the office – enjoy!

DSC02315 DSC02313 DSC02312 DSC02311 DSC02310 DSC02306 DSC02303 DSC02302

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  1. wow, those look great. Aimee marched in the ANZAC day parade along with others from her Girl Guide company last year.. Thanks for teaching her knitting skills!

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